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About Us

Our Youth, Our Future

The BTW Friends and Alumni Foundation, Inc. was established in December 2006 to address historical imbalances in financial and educational support for youth. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, making all contributions tax deductible.

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Our Story

Our organization aims to make substantial contributions to help enhance, supplement and undergird all departmental programs, activities and capital projects of “our” school. We are profoundly grateful to those corporations, businesses, foundations, our Foundation’s members and friends, who have provided financial, material, and inkind support through pledges and other forms of planned giving. We salute, too, the very often, over-taxed faculty, administrators and staff for their abiding commitment to ensuring that every student who enters the hallowed halls of Booker T. Washington has a real opportunity to learn, grow and transition to other schools or work with the skills and emotional maturity for success.

The Foundation recognizes that, because of the historical imbalances of opportunity for many of our school’s families, many, too many of our students face extraordinary financial challenges.

Thanks to generous contributions of many of you over the past years, and with the superb council of BTW administrators, faculty and staff, the Foundation has provided significant funding and helped defray costs of special testing, music programs, field trips, boys and girls sports equipment and uniforms, books, arts equipment and other required materials, as well as having created opportunities for students to participate in community service.Our foundation is a sanctioned 501(c)(3) organization which qualifies all contributions as tax deductible.

Along with our Foundation’s Board of Directors and Membership, we ask that you continue and strengthen your efforts to support our programs, be they financial or by volunteering, or both.

Therefore, the Foundation works to help defray the cost of testing fees, equipment, supplies and other basic materials that are fundamental to the success of Booker T Washington High School students.

Our Board

Meet the individuals behind our mission, each one driven by a shared vision of creating a brighter future for our alumni. Together, we are making a meaningful impact through our collective efforts and unwavering dedication.

Our Partners

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