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BTWFAAFI Salutes The New Journal & Guide

(L –R) BTWFAAFI Members - Director Percy A. Johnson, Marking Promotion Director Ashley Avery, Co-Membership Director Carl Stokes, Website Developer & Photographer Ben Hyman, Front 2 Ladies, CEO & Publisher of The New Journal and Guide (NJG) Brenda H Andrews, BTWFAAFI Member - Vice President & Event Planning Director Inez Blunt-Mason.

Booker T Washington Friends & Alumni Foundation, Inc. (BTWFAAFI) presentation to the New Journal and Guide (NJG) for the News Paper's continuous coverage and support to The  BTWFAAFI Foundation in our fund raising efforts  to support The BTW High School in areas of needs.


The New Journal and Guide (NJG) is very much relevant. Please support it with a year's subscription.

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